Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do you Sell?

We sell Original Acrylic Paintings and Canvas Giclee's Prints of the Artist's most popular original paintings.  Archival Paper Prints can be ordered at a reduced price upon request. 

2. What is a Canvas Giclee'?

The giclee’ process is an actual detailed image of the original canvas printed on a roll of canvas, after which the canvas is stretched over stretcher bars and framed with a deep canvas frame just like the original. This process creates a 3-dimensional effect that mimics the texture of the original painting.

3. What is an Archival Paper Print?

This is the traditional material that prints from paintings are produced on. These are 2-dimensional without the texture of a canvas.

4. What Sizes Do You Offer?

Sizes of prints are determined by the original painting size. Please contact us if you wish to have a custom size made.

5. How Quickly Can A Print Ship?

Prints will ship within 1-2 weeks or up to 4 weeks depending on whether a frame has been added to the order. A Tracking Number will be provided for each order.

6. What If I Have Something I would Like Painted?

The Artist offers free consultation for the creation of a Custom Commissioned Painting. These consultations are done over the phone and through email and will provide the customer with information relating to Size, Shape, Content, and Framing Options. The customer will then place an order and email an image to the artist as needed.

 You may be wondering if you can reproduce any of the artwork seen on this website. The answer would be NO, all the work is copyright protected.  It is not permissible.